"Official website of artist Pavel Lyakhov: The exhibition On the contrary to the Winery"
Official site art-studio of Lyakhov Pavel :: Официальный сайт  художника Павла Ляхова
Official site art-studio of Lyakhov Pavel :: Официальный сайт  художника Павла Ляхова

The exhibition "On the contrary" to the "Winery"


The exhibition "On the contrary" to the "Winery"

пошел, куда пошел


"Today, Oct. 12, in CSI "Winery" opens a group exhibition of paintings of young artists "by contradiction", which focuses on the place and the prospects for the development of painting in contemporary art. The exhibition presents works executed in various paintings, including experimental techniques.

In the twentieth century, more than once prophesied the death of art. Organizers and participants set themselves the task to show that such talk - just an excuse for another revival of painting, to overcome it myself. Hence the name - "On the contrary," which suggests a movement from the familiar and established in the direction of a new, intuitive search. The starting point for such a search is a reality, associated with an individual understanding of the paintings by each of the artists.

Initiative exhibition belongs to the students and graduates of the leading educational institutions in Moscow in the field of contemporary art - Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow School Photography and Multimedia. Alexander Rodchenko, School of Contemporary Art "Free Workshops", MGAHI them. VISurikova. "Young artists are united by the idea of painting, took this step without any support from the institutions - says the curator and exhibitor, Vladimir Potapov. - Format open submission will make sure that the painting techniques and practices operated by young artists are very diverse that there is a communicative medium, which generates a steady desire to change the situation ».

During the contest organizers have received over 200 applications from Russia, as well as from countries near and far abroad . Were selected works of more than 40 authors, including both new and already well-known names: Pavel Lyakhov, Anna Acorn, Yegor Koshelev, Alexander Pogorzhelsky, Ilya Hedgehog and others. The expert committee included prominent figures of contemporary art: Yuri Shabel'nikov, Natalia Abalakov Anatoly Zhigalov, Irina Kulik, Daria Kamyshnikova, Daria Pyrkina, Alexander Sigutin , Alexander Panov.

exhibition runs until November 14, 2010.

Source: Press Release CSI "Winery»